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Enrolling for the semester reserves the day, time, room and instructor. Payment must be made before starting the lessons. If you are unable to make it to a lesson, please make use of your time slot by inviting someone else to take the lesson. We are not responsible for children who are not picked up promptly at the end of their lesson. No refunds are given for missed/cancelled lessons, and make up lessons are not guaranteed. *
By checking this box, I agree to the above terms:
Tuition is paid in advance for all lesson programs. Your tuition reserves you a weekly time slot and membership within the studio. The time of your lesson has been reserved and is unavailable to any other student and the teacher is also committed to instructing during that time, therefore you are expected to be there. *
I agree to the above terms:
Payment is due at the time of registration. If a student begins lessons in the middle of the session, those lessons will be prorated for the current session. Lesson tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No lesson credits will be carried over to the next semester. Payments can be made online at the time of registration or made in cash or check and made out to Tahoe Truckee School of Music (TTSM). *
I agree to the above terms:
All class fees are to be paid in full during the registration period for any particular class. Rates for instructional courses will vary with each class. No refunds will be given to students who drop out of a course on or after the start date of the class. Students enrolled in classes are expected to notify the instructor if they are going to be absent for any given class so the instructor can plan accordingly. *
I agree to the above terms:
TTSM does refund tuition or provide credits or make-up lessons for lessons canceled by the student for any reason. However, teachers may, at their discretion, offer to reschedule a lesson if an available time slot opens during the semester. Students are expected to give advance notice to their instructors for any cancellations to help with this process. *
I agree to the above terms:
TTSM observes the same snow days as TTUSD. However, if the student and instructor are able to meet for the regularly scheduled lesson, the space will be made available. Students will receive a lesson voucher for any cancellations made by TTSM due to inclement weather, which can be used for one free lesson outside of your regularly scheduled lesson time during the semester, on holidays, or over the summer (based on instructor availability). These certificates may also be given/donated to others if desired. The certificates must be redeemed by their expiration date. *
I agree to the above terms:
I give the Tahoe Truckee School of Music permission to record, videotape, or photograph my child (or self) during his/her participation in lessons, classes, recitals, or other events that are TTSM sponsored and used for the purposes of promotion and archive.
I agree to the above terms:
I hold the employees/contractors of the Tahoe Truckee School of Music and its endeavors harmless from liability during the time my child (or self) is participating any TTSM programs, except in cases of gross negligence. *
I agree to the above terms:
I have read, understand and agree to all the payment policies stated in the “Payment Information & Policies” section of the Tahoe Truckee School of Music Registration Packet. I understand and agree that these policies are to remain in effect the entire time the student(s) is taking lessons or involved in any other TTSM programs.vI agree to pay at the time of this registration. I understand that I will not receive refunds or lesson credits for lessons that I do not attend. *
I agree to the above terms: